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Furnace Tracker Systems DATAPAQ

Datapaq makes equipment for analyzing and measuring the temperature field that used in industrial process heat processes. The high quality and reliability of their products are known all over the world. Our customers get at their disposal systems that are characterized by high accuracy and ease of use.

The company strives to retain its leading position due to innovations, scientific developments and support of its customers. In no other system can you find a better combination of high-precision data loggers, thermal screens and analytical software. Regardless of the purpose of the operation and your location, the Datapaq system will always be your indispensable assistant.

Datapaq offers equipment for measuring the temperature field in five main areas: Oven Tracker for the manufacturing industry, Reflow Tracker for the electronics industry, Furnace Tracker for heat treatment plants, Kiln Tracker for ceramics and Multi Tracker for companies Food Industry.

Brand: Datapaq Model: Furnace Tracker
Furnace Heat Treatment Product ProfilingKey Features-    Reliable and accurate thermal profiling systems for in-process temperature surveying in harsh and hot environments-    Easy-to-use Insight™ analysis software available in full version and basic version tailored to your need..
Brand: Datapaq Model: Kiln Tracker
Specialty Kiln SystemsKey Features-    Specialty Kiln Systems for specific ceramics firing applications-    Highly accurate state-of-art data loggers-    Specially-engineered rugged thermal barriers-    User-friendly Insight™ software for data analysis-  ..
Brand: Datapaq Model: XL2
Oven Tracker XL2This premium oven thermal profiling system provides the most comprehensive solution in automotive assembly, component supply and general paint/powder/E-coat OEM. With a choice of standard or specialized thermal barriers and powerful Insight™ analysis software, Oven Tracker® XL2 facil..
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