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Laboratory separators for beneficiation of feebly magnetic ores

Company Magnis Ltd. offers, designs, manufactures and delivers:

- Electromagnetic separators with high-intensity magnetic field for: wet and dry separation of weakly magnetic iron, manganese, chromite, ilmenite, garnet, rare earth and other similar ores and materials, for wet and dry cleaning of quartz, feldspar, zirconium and other similar sands from weakly magnetic minerals and iron oxides.

- Electromagnetic separators with high-gradient magnetic field for: cleaning of porcelain mass, kaolin and other similar materials from weakly magnetic impurities, oxides of iron and titanium.

- High-intensity drum separators on permanent magnets for: dry separation of magnetite ores.

- Complexes for mechanized magnetic pickings of ore and enrichment of magnetite ore lump.

- Magnetic analyzers for magnetite ore research.

- Demagnetizing Machines.

"Scientific and Technical Center of magnetic separation Magnis Ltd" has developed and offers consumers a single standard series of separators for dry magnetic separation of fine crushed martit - hematite and other weakly magnetic ores. "STC Magnis Ltd" has developed a set of equipment, which are the products of individual production, manufactured by individual orders of enterprises considering to solved problems of this enterprise and peculiarities of processed iron ore.

Operating principle of "STC Magnis Ltd", as a scientific and technological enterprise, is a fundamental refusal of supplying of separators as the standard products for enrichment of of weak magnetic ores. As a rule, before the delivery of separators Magnis Ltd company is testing samples of ore of separators potential consumers.

Tests are carried out at the stands of "STC Magnis Ltd," and according to their results is carried out optimization of individual parameters of separators and also practiced special techniques for the most efficient treatment of potential consumers ore. 

Brand: МАГНИС Model: ЭРЛ
Separator allows to test single small samples in cyclic mode of laboratory analyzer, and large samples in semi-continuous mode of separator. Separator can be equipped with a set of different rotors that allow you to test beneficiation of feebly magnetic ores and materials in wet and dry beneficiatio..
Brand: МАГНИС Model: АМ-2А
Magnetic analyzer AM-2A with a combined magnetic field is designed to replace the magnetic analyzer 25T-SEM, which as the domestic counterpart of the foreign analyzer DAVIS previously was manufactured in the USSR and became widespread on the enterprises of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.By order of ..
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