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Magnetic analyzer«АМС-1»

Magnetic analyzer«АМС-1»
Magnetic analyzer«АМС-1»

 Electromagnetic Analyzer "AMS-1" is designed for use in scientific research, industrial and educational laboratories. The analyzer allows you to explore the technological characteristics of wet and dry separation of medium- and fine-grained ores and weakly magnetic materials. On the basis of these data, research and industrial laboratories can make an assessment of technological parameters that can be achieved in the newly developed magnetic separation schemes, as well as to monitor and adjust the technological efficiency and performance of existing enrichment schemes of weakly magnetic ores and materials.

The analyzer is equipped with interchangeable channels that simulate the work areas of existing industrial rotary separator design "SEC Magnis Ltd". Interchangeable channels comprise a corrugationed and serrated plates which differs by corrugations pitch and by size of the gap between the plates. The required type of working channel is selected based on the size and magnetic properties of the shared material. The control cabinet, which is the analyzers part allows to adjust the magnitude of the magnetic induction in the working channel smoothly. Analyzers kit also includes a device for loading and feeding the material into the working channel, as well as a device for flushing the separation products from the surface of corrugated plates during wet concentration.


Dry and wet extraction of weakly magnetic minerals.

Application area

Laboratory research and geological enterprises, laboratory processing enterprises.

Feature of the analyzer

The analyzer includes an electromagnetic system that allows to create in the working channel of analyzer magnetic induction corresponding to the magnetic induction of industrial rotary separators with high-intensity magnetic field. The analyzer allows to study the process of separation of medium and fine-grained weakly magnetic ores.


Simple design, no moving parts, quiet operation, efficiency of separation of weakly magnetic ore samples, efficiency of determining of the technological indicators of enrichment of this ores.


Fineness of test material, mm


Weight of studied sample, g


Width of the working channel, mm


Magnetic induction adjustment range, Tesla


Maximum power consumption, kW


Weight, kg


Scope of delivery

- Analyzer "AMS-1";

- The control cabinet;

- Set of replacement working channels. *

- Set of feeders for different power supply conditions. *

* Completeness specified when ordering of analyzer

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