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Magnetic analyzer AM-2А

Magnetic analyzer AM-2А
Magnetic analyzer AM-2А

Magnetic analyzer AM-2A with a combined magnetic field is designed to replace the magnetic analyzer 25T-SEM, which as the domestic counterpart of the foreign analyzer DAVIS previously was manufactured in the USSR and became widespread on the enterprises of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

By order of Mikhailovsky GOK "STC Magnis Ltd" manufactured and supplied 2 analyzers with a radically new system of automatic mixing of magnetic products in the fixed tube.

Analyzers have been tested in the CTL of combine, which showed that:

- On technological indexes of magnetic analyzer AM-2A provides the indexes of enrichment which are almost identical to those for analyzer 25T-SEM;

- Average deviation in iron content of compared analyzers is at a level which is lower then acceptable deviation in chemical analysis;

- Mixing the product in a stationary magnetic tube under the influence of the combined magnetic field is automatic;

- Analyzer AM-2A is noiseless in operation (no moving parts);

- Analyzer AM-2A is aesthetic and have a modern design;

- No magnetic induction in the laboratory technician workplace.

First AM-2A analyzers were commissioned in CTL JSC "Mikhailovsky GOK" in August 2004. The next two AM-2A analyzers were successfully passed comparative testing with the analyzer 25T-SEM in "Karel'skij okatysh" and in the combines laboratory.

The new analyzers are widely used in Russia, where they are replacing old tubular analyzers 25T-SEM: consumers of AM-2A analyzers are laboratories of mining enterprises "Mikhailovsky GOK", "Kovdor GOK", "Stoilensky GOK" Lebedinsky GOK "," Karel'skij okatysh "combine "KMA ore", "Murmansk Geological Prospecting Expedition", "Olekminsky mine." OOO "Analitpribor", "Olenegorsky mine."

Also Consumers of analyzers AM-2A are the "Northern Mining" and "Donetskstal Metallurgical Plant" (Ukraine), "Sokolov-Sarbaiskoye GPO" (Kazakhstan).


Separation of samples of crushed magnetite ore into two products: magnetic and nonmagnetic.

Application area

Laboratory research and geological enterprises, concentrators.

The feature of the analyzer

The analyzer includes a magnetic system with the windings AC and DC, transparent tube and the power source. Separation of ore sample, placed in a tube of the analyzer is carried out by simultaneous action on the strands of ore of direct and alternating magnetic field and the flow of water.


The simplicity of design, no moving parts, noiselessness, separation efficiency, efficiency in the performance of analysis; replaces the world-famous Davis tubular analyzer, which analog 25T - SEM is produced in Russia

Technical Specifications

Fineness of the test material, mm  1-0

Sample weight, g 20-30

Minimum time of separation, min 8

The induction of a constant magnetic field, gauss  1000

Adjustment limits of induction, gauss  200-1000

Power consumption, W  630

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