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Vacuum technology HSR

Vacuum technology which meets your requirements

As one of the most important suppliers of high vacuum diffusion and cryogenic pumps, as well as further vacuum technology solutions for sophisticated industrial sectors, it is our aspiration to always be one step ahead of the market.

HSR developments, products and services stand for quality and reliability. Exactly in a way that you have been used to for years.

Brand: HSR AG Model: Pentaphenylether
Pump FluidsTypical applicationsVacuum metallurgyOphthalmic coatingsVacuum metallizationVacuum tube industryElectron beam weldingVacuum chemistry, analyticsIsolation vacuumAttainable ultimate pressureThe end pressures can be attained with correct conditioning of the high vacuum pumping system.They re..
Brand: HSR AG Model: HSR AG
Diffusion pumps HSR AGDiffusion pumps air/water-cooledDiffusion pump with integrated water baffleECO Diffsion pumpsStandard diffusion pumps with COLD CAPStandard diffusion pumps with BAFFLE CAPDiffusion pumps with COLD CAPDiffusion pumps for high magnetic fieldsDiffusion pumps with BAFFLE CAPPump fl..
Brand: HSR AG Model: HCC
HSR controllersModelHCC100Number of connected cryo pumps 1Number of connected compressors 1Housing DesktopModel HCC120Number of connected cryo pumps 1Number of connected compressors 1Housing 19" slot-3HE/42TE3HE/42TEModel HCC130Number of connected cryo pumps 1Number of connected compressors макс.3Ho..
Brand: HSR AG Model: VCP cryogenic pump
VCP cryogenic pumps – size DN 100 to DN 200This new, HSR patented, pump geometry enables up a 30% higher volume flow rate and higher capacity, which enables a longer running life in comparison to competitors pumps with the same flange size.A further design enables the reproduced throttling of the vo..
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