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Анализатор размера и формы

Brand: Microtrac Model: Flowsync
The FLOWSYNC’s automated filling, de-aerating, pre-circulating and circulating operation means each sample is handled with a consistency that improves the repeatability of particle size distribution and shape data. The FLOWSYNC works in conjunction with the Microtrac SYNC system and can easily be sw..
Brand: Microtrac Model: Sync
The SYNC by Microtrac MRB is synchronizing size and shape measurement in one instrument – one sample, one bench, one sample flow path, one sample cell, one analysis.Measurement from 0.01 to 4,000 micronsLaser diffraction and image analysis integrated in one instrumentEasily switch between wet and dr..
Brand: Microtrac Model: TurboSync
Application exampleMedical / Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Geology / Mining, Food, Metal Powders, Metals, Pigments, Polymers, Powder Coatings .., Chemicals, BeveragesBenefits:Features:Principle of operationAdditional components..
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