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Brand: Datapaq Model: Furnace Tracker
Furnace Heat Treatment Product ProfilingKey Features-    Reliable and accurate thermal profiling systems for in-process temperature surveying in harsh and hot environments-    Easy-to-use Insight™ analysis software available in full version and basic version tailored to your need..
Brand: Datapaq Model: Kiln Tracker
Specialty Kiln SystemsKey Features-    Specialty Kiln Systems for specific ceramics firing applications-    Highly accurate state-of-art data loggers-    Specially-engineered rugged thermal barriers-    User-friendly Insight™ software for data analysis-  ..
Brand: Datapaq Model: XL2
Oven Tracker XL2This premium oven thermal profiling system provides the most comprehensive solution in automotive assembly, component supply and general paint/powder/E-coat OEM. With a choice of standard or specialized thermal barriers and powerful Insight™ analysis software, Oven Tracker® XL2 facil..
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