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Двухступенчатый пластинчато-роторный насос серии DuoLine™

Двухступенчатый пластинчато-роторный насос серии DuoLine™
Двухступенчатый пластинчато-роторный насос серии DuoLine™

DuoLine rotary vane pumps are suitable for all applications in the low and medium vacuum range up to 10-3 mbar. These pumps ensure reliable operation even for demanding industrial applications such as drying processes, metallurgical processes or sealing and resin casting systems - as stand-alone pumps or backing pumps for our CombiLine pumping stations or turbo pump stations.


- Environmental friendliness

- No oil leakage through defective shaft seals

- No exchange between process gas and medium

- Resistant to corrosion due to the absence of non-ferrous metals

- Wide range of accessories for monitoring and system integration

- Process reliability thanks to integrated hydraulically controlled high speed high vacuum safety valve

- Low operating costs

- the radial shaft seal ring is maintenance-free

- High fault tolerance

- no unexpected process interruptions due to oil leaks

- Extremely quiet operation

- additional jamming is not required

Areas of use

- Chemistry and production technologies

- Thin layer technologies

- Semiconductor manufacturing technologies

- Research and development

- Mechanical engineering

- Metallurgy

- Packaging / freeze drying

- Mass spectrometry

- Backing pump for turbo pumps

- Laboratory use


Pumping speed, m3 / h

Ultimate pressure, mbar

Duo 1.6
Duo 3
Duo 6
Duo 11
Duo 35
Duo 65
Duo 125
Duo 255

DuoLine rotary vane vacuum pumps are driven by AC or DC motors, depending on the pump size. In addition to the standard models, the following models are offered: pumps with magnetic drive (Duo M series) and pumps for corrosive gases with or without magnetic drive (Duo MC series).

Duo C series and MC series

The C series pumps are used for corrosive gases. Unlike standard pumps, they are equipped with a special gas ballast valve through which inert gas enters the pump. In addition, these pumps have special blades that are resistant to chemicals. All pumps for corrosive gases are operated with chemically resistant (perfluoropolyether) fluids such as F4 or F5. The Duo MC series pumps are especially suitable for pumping poisonous gases, as the sealed magnetic coupling prevents the gas from escaping to the outside.

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