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LAUE single cristal

At Proto we offer a number of single crystal orientation solutions using the Laue technique. Choose from our high-speed Laue HT for high throughput 24/7 production environments such as turbine blade casting facilities, or the Laue COS for orienting crystals in an R&D environment. We can also upgrade your existing Laue systems with new cameras, tube towers, software, high-voltage supplies and x-ray tubes.

  • Single Crystal Orientation System LAUE HT
  • Single Crystal Orientation System LAUE COS
Brand: Proto Model: LAUE COS
Small crystal orientation system. Utilizing the Laue technique and a 150 mm x 100 mm back reflection camera, small single crystals can be oriented in a few minutes. Designed for research labs and production environments. Manual and motorized options for X,Y stages. Manual and motorized goniometer op..
Brand: Proto Model: LAUE HT
High-throughput single crystal orientation measurements. Utilizing the Laue technique, measurements can be performed in as little as a few seconds. Designed for heavy duty “round the clock” operation. Easy access maintenance features are designed to keep you up and running year after year. Excellent..
Brand: Proto Model: LAUE-HTR
LAUE-HTR is the world's first Laue XRD robotic system for orienting single crystal diamonds. This revolutionary tool allows you to accurately assess the incorrect orientation of grown diamonds and identify unknown faces. Diamonds can be laser marked on any hkl plane for further cutting, offering a c..
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