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Jaw crushers POWTEQ

Brand: POWTEQ Model: JC5
POWTEQ Jaw Crushers are used to process medium-hard, hard, brittle and tough sample fast and gently. There are 6 kinds of materials for the jaw plate.This series of products with superior technical and safety performance, so it is your ideal choice for the sample preparation in the laboratory and en..
Brand: POWTEQ Model: JC6
JC6 and JC5 are basically the same in application field and work principle. And both has the advantage of zero point correction to compensate for wear. Unlike JC5, JC6 is designed for desktop. JC6 features in the compact design, easy operation and the high final fineness of  sample (d90 < 0...
Brand: POWTEQ Model: JC7
JC7 has made many improvements in design to realize high crushing capacity and well homogeneity. It can crush the samples with the size less than 120 mm effectively for further crushing and fine grinding.ApplicationMining and metallurgical industries: niobium and titanium alloy, vanadium iron, chrom..
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