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Online Elemental Analyzer LYNCIS

LYNCIS – industrial laser online elemental analyzers for prompt process control

We have gathered a highly qualified team with unique, more than 10 years’ experience not only in the development, commissioning and servicing of on-line LIBS analyzers in the industrial environments, but also in chemistry and physics of production processes, laser spectroscopy, brand-new laser and optic systems, processing of big data streams, development of the optimization mathematical methods and software. Our headquarters and main production facilities are located in Vilnius, Lithuania – one of the biggest European centers of laser, optical and spectral technologies. We are members of Lithuanian Laser Association.

We put all our energy to fully understand your process tasks, and then add our experience, ideas and technical expertise to deliver the most applicable solution for real-time analysis. Keeping abreast on customers’ demands and technological developments, our goal is to provide our customers with the most advanced solutions for safely and accurate measuring of material streams in real time without the need to wait several hours for laboratory results.

Brand: Lyncis Model: MAYA Express
Lyncis Express Analyzer was developed to answer the need for fast and reliable material chemical composition analysis. The application is valued by the clients where modern agile manufacturing metrology being applied and quick assessment of material is necessary to adjust critical process parameters..
Brand: Lyncis Model: Online Coal Analyzer
Online Coal Analyzer is installed over the conveyor belt and provides continuous real-time data of coal parameters, such as calorific value, total ash, moisture and others without sampling. The solution is widely used in coal power plants, coal mines and coal terminals to maximize the use of coal re..
Brand: Lyncis Model: MAYA ONLINE
Lyncis online analyzer is a radiation-free material elemental composition analytics solution for real-time process control optimization in the mining and mineral processing industry.The technology provides simultaneous quantitative analysis of bulk material flows directly on the conveyor belt or in ..
Model: SlurryView
Online Slurry Elemental Analyzer – SlurryViewLyncis Online Slurry Analyzer is providing continues elemental analysis of slurry without a need for a complex and high maintenance sampling system. The analyzer is installed above a slurry flow surface and can deliver an accurate chemical analysis of pro..
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