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Energy Technology

Energy Technology
Energy Technology

Expert in energy industry and heating & CHP plants

Chemitec Consulting Oy carries out demanding energy and heating & CHP plant projects. We offer services in consulting, design and project management to communities, industries, heating and CHP plants, authorities and organizations. Our office is located in Espoo, but we work with a global clientele.

Chemitec Consulting Oy has personnel with holistic knowhow in heating and CHP plants. On the whole, we have more than 20 years of experience in the field, which ensures skilled and reliable execution of energy studies and designing and implementation of heating and CHP projects. Our personnel has extensive and versatile experience in projects involving flue gas scrubbing and heat recovery from flue gases, as we have carried out more than 50 projects of this kind in Finland, Sweden and Estonia.

Furthermore, Chemitec Consulting Oy provides all-inclusive consulting services in the field of solid recovered fuel (SRF) production. The technical services we offer include detailed SRF production plant design, efficiency optimization for new and existing plants and calculation of material and energy balances. Besides, we offer economic feasibility analyses, such as capital and operating cost calculation including profit and pay-back time, and environmental studies, like carbon footprint evaluation, life cycle assessment (LCA) and emission reduction studies.

What is covered by our knowhow in the field of energy?

- Development of investment projects

- Project management

- Heating and steam units

- Production of electricity and heat

- Purification of flue gases and heat recovery from flue gases

- Environmental permit applications

- Wastewater treatment processes

- Utilization of biofuels and waste in energy production

- Intensification, modernization and analysis of operation

- Solid recovered fuel (SRF) production plant design and economics

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