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MAYA Express

MAYA Express
MAYA Express

Lyncis Express Analyzer was developed to answer the need for fast and reliable material chemical composition analysis. The application is valued by the clients where modern agile manufacturing metrology being applied and quick assessment of material is necessary to adjust critical process parameters without waiting on the lab results.

•  No or minimal sample preparation

• Quick and low-cost analysis for process optimization

• Minimum labor work and personnel involvement in sample preparation

• Maximum volume of analysis sample – up to 20-30 kg.

• No need of spatial equipment for sample preparation


The solution is particularly good for the plants when several product lines exist and it is not financially practical to have a separate analyzer on each production line.

Time-saving in sample preparation

The main advantage of the express analyzer is that it does not require long-lasting sample preparation. Only reduction of a sample grain down to 10mm might be necessary for proper representative analysis. Such a process can be accomplished within minutes with standard crusher or laboratory mill.

Quick process can offer significant time saving compared with conventional lab sample preparation. Depending on sample preparation methods used, sample grain size [mm] and general sample size [t] time saving for single batch representative analysis can be 2-24 hr.

Low investment required

Sample preparation for lab analysis is a long-lasting process and often complicated multistage crushing and mixing systems are required to ensure consistency and sample repressiveness. Such a costly solution is not always practical and might be too expensive for smaller production plants. Express analyzer with little sample preparation required delivers sufficient accuracy for any process optimization needs. It offers significant cost saving compared to complicated automated mechanical systems.

Minimal manual handling and labor work

Sample preparation can be repetitive and labor-intense activity. It is often not the most pleasant task to perform. Elimination of a long-lasting sample preparation can free your qualified lab personnel to perform more value-added analytical task. Analysis of considerably big sample volumes (up to 20-30 kg.) in real-time can be performed with minimum manual handling.

Ease of use

Spatial software and self-calibration algorithms were developed to allow the end-user to perform own sampling and analyze material chemical composition based on the initial ready-to-use calibration algorithms.

Environmentally and personal safe technology

Lyncis analyzer has no gamma-ray, neutron or x-ray radiation. No governmental permissions and licenses are required for operating, storing and transporting the equipment. No radiation handling personal are required at premises making it simpler to operate and manage the production or mining process.

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