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Residual stress measurement

At Proto we offer an extensive range of residual stress XRD products to ensure that the most suitable equipment  is available for your measurement needs. Choose from our high-speed LXRD Laboratory Systems,  flexible iXRD Portable Systems or our handheld mXRD Ultra Portable system.

  • Laboratory Residual Stress LXRD
  • Ultra Portable Residual Stress Measurement System mXRD
Brand: Proto Model: LXRD
A laboratory and factory floor star performer, the LXRD has been designed for heavy duty around-the-clock operation. Extremely fast, accurate and reliable, the LXRD offers the highest return on investment in the industry. Measurements can be performed in as little as a minute.SAFETY & PROTECTION..
Brand: Proto Model: iXRD
A proven performer in the field, laboratory and shop floor, the iXRD brings you an advanced system for your portable residual stress and retained austenite measurement needs. With our modular field stand approach, powerful software, easy to operate controls and our uniquely designed goniometers, we ..
Brand: Proto Model: mXRD
The ultra portable mXRD is the latest addition to our XRD family, bringing a new level of versatility in the field. Ideal for use on pipelines, pressure vessels and bridges.A detailed description and specification of the device are given on the manufacturer's website:
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