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Мембранные насосы Pfeiffer Vacuum MVP

Мембранные насосы  Pfeiffer Vacuum MVP
Мембранные насосы Pfeiffer Vacuum MVP

Diaphragm pumps - ideal backing pumps for turbo pumps Pfeiffer Vacuum

Due to their compactness, Pfeiffer Vacuum diaphragm pumps are ideal for integration into analytical systems and turbopump stations. The range of pumps is represented by solutions with a pumping speed ranging from 0.25 m3 per hour and ending with the most powerful with a pumping speed of up to 9.6 m³ per hour. The advantages of the diaphragm pump from Pfeiffer Vacuum are numerous, and the efficiency and reliability are unique.

The long life of the diaphragm, along with the safety and ease of operation, makes this vacuum pump particularly interesting. Diaphragms and valves can be easily replaced when needed, making pump maintenance easier. Worldwide use of pumps is guaranteed by a two-phase motor or DC drive.

Areas of application of diaphragm pumps:

Suitable for operation as a backing pump for Pfeiffer Vacuum turbo pumps Electric and pumping stations

Laboratories Research and development

Analytical Manufacturing

Chemical industry (version for corrosive gases)

Leak detection

All areas where oil-free clean vacuum and contaminated gas evacuation are required

The advantages of diaphragm pumps:

Absolutely oil-free vacuum Long service life

Long diaphragm life

Low noise and vibration levels

High reliability

High gas tightness

Maintenance friendly thanks to easy diaphragm and valve replacement

Can be used universally due to the operation of motors at various voltages


Pumping speed, m3 / h

Ultimate pressure, mbar

MVP 006-4
≤ 2,0
MVP 015-2
≤ 3,5
MVP 015-4
≤ 3,5

MVP 020-3 AC
1,4≤ 2,0
MVP 030-3 DC
1,8≤ 3
MVP 040-2
2,3≤ 4,0
MVP 070-3
3,8≤ 1,0
MVP 160-39,6≤ 2,0

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