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Online Slurry Elemental Analyzer – SlurryView

Online Slurry Elemental Analyzer – SlurryView
Online Slurry Elemental Analyzer – SlurryView

Online Slurry Elemental Analyzer – SlurryView

Lyncis Online Slurry Analyzer is providing continues elemental analysis of slurry without a need for a complex and high maintenance sampling system. The analyzer is installed above a slurry flow surface and can deliver an accurate chemical analysis of production feed, concentrate product or tailings. All elements including light once can be measured simultaneously without manual sampling and sample preparation.


With continues real-time slurry or brine chemical analysis the plant can benefit from:

Improved mineral recovery

Reduced consumption of agents and water

Lower manual sampling and sample preparation cost

Ensure targeted product quality with low variation

Ability to measure quickly the effect of production change on product quality enabling to find an optimal production process

• Direct measurement above the slurry flow with no complex sampling system

• Low cost and maintenance sample flow delivery from several feed lines

• Accurate and reliable detection of all elements

• Personnel and Environmentally safe technology

Low Maintenance Online Slurry Analyzer System

The analyzer is installed above the feed pipe, sampling line or slurry tank and does not require high maintenance sampling equipment. If several feeds are required to be measured continuously – a simple and low-cost slurry delivery system to the analyzer can be installed to ensure only one analyzer is needed for process optimization needs.

Accurate and Reliable Elemental Analysis

The composition of the elements in slurry such as Silica, Manganese. Aluminum, Copper, Gold, Carbon, Calcium and Phosphate can be easily detected even at very low concentration levels. The laser spectroscopy (LIBS) technology has a low signal to noise ratio with low interference analytical lines and all elements, including the light ones can be detected in real-time in slurry or brine applications.

Advanced machine learning algorithms are used to ensure accurate and stable measurements can be achieved for even most demanding production optimization needs.

Environmentally and personal safe technology

no radiation sign

Lyncis analyzer has no gamma-ray, neutron or x-ray radiation. No governmental permissions and licenses are required for operating, storing and transporting the equipment. No radiation handling personal are required at premises making it simpler to operate and manage the production or mining process.

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