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Benchtop hardness tester Leeb Testing Instrument

Brand: Leeb Testing Instrument Model: LHB-3000D
Model LHB-3000D Digital Brinell hardness tester with the latest development, has the domestic advanced water product of a new generation of Brinell hardness tester, the machine adopts electronic automatically add load, computer software programming, high rate of optical measurement, photoelectric se..
Brand: Leeb Testing Instrument Model: LM2000
Functions & Features● Infinity-corrected optical system. Large vision, high imaging quality & resolution● 5pcs holes for Infinity LWD Plan Objectives : 5× ~ 100× (Dry)● Wide field eyepiece 10x /φ22mm (Optional φ23mm)● Observation tubes can be adjusted up and down 180 ° to accommodate with di..
Brand: Leeb Testing Instrument Model: LHB-3000A
Model LHB-3000A Electronic Brinell hardness tester is the closed loop sensor loading, the electronic control system, has 10 levels test force. The machine has high precision, high repeatability and stability, simple operation, etc.Application areas:Metallurgy, metrology, Building materi..
Brand: Leeb Testing Instrument Model: LHR-150DT
LHR-150DT Electric Rockwell hardness tester is design used to test special metal materials Rockwell hardness semiautomatic Rockwell hardness plan.Test force: Loading, dwell, unloading automatically, easy operation, Wide range, simple operation, etc.Application Fields:Industrial production, Inspectio..
Brand: Leeb Testing Instrument Model: LHR-150A
ApplicationIndustrial production, Inspection of product quality on processing technology.Ferrous and nonferrous metals, Hardened steel, tempered steel, annealed steel, hardened steel, sheet of various thicknesses, carbide materials, powder metallurgy materials, hardness and thermal spray coating.Mai..
Brand: Leeb Testing Instrument Model: LHRS-150
Main FeaturesTraditional weight systemDigital, multi-function LCD displayElectric load. Automatic loading & unloading12 Rockwell Scales, Conversion to Vickers, BrinellMeets or exceeds GB/T230.2, ISO 6508-2, ASTM E18 standardsOptional Accessories for Plastic Rockwell testAccurate, reliable and du..
Brand: Leeb Testing Instrument Model: LHVS-1000Z
DescriptionWith 7-inch large LCD screen, menu structure.Automatic measuring process, easy operation.High-definition optical system, the brightness of light source can be adjusted in 20 levels.With hardness value conversion function, tolerance judgmentMain FeaturesTouch Screen, full color multi-funct..
Brand: Leeb Testing Instrument Model: LHVS-5/10/30/50
DescriptionWith LCD screen & operation panel.Test both HV & HK scales (with optional Knoop tester)Another series : THV-5M/10M/30M/50M Vickers Hardness Tester (with motorized turret)Advantage:High Good ValuesGood Quality (ISO & CE Certification)Knoop hardness can be measured with optional..
Brand: Matsuzawa Model: Ria
Features:One touch, easy hardness measurementAll testing cycle (Pre. test force – Test force – Release force) can be easily done only by touching the start button of a touch panel.Closed-loop test force control ( with load cell )Test force is controllable with high precision from the output of a loa..
Brand: Leeb Testing Instrument Model: LHBRV-187.5DX
Functions & FeaturesBrinell, Rockwell and Vickers three test modes.Touch Screen; Digital, multi-function LCD display.Electronic closed-loop system.Automatic loading & unloading.Conversion scales of different kinds of hardness.With built-in printer for data output.With RS232 interface for con..
Brand: Leeb Testing Instrument Model: LHUS-187.5
Functions & Features3 types including Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers three kinds of test methods.7 level of force, multi-function, can satisfy user's multi-purpose requirements.Rockwell reading in dial pointer, Brinell/Vickers lookup in table.Automatic loading and unloading of test force.Wide utiliz..
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