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07 Sep Building Materials: particle size and shape analysis for improved product performance
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Building materials are required for a wide range of construction work including carpentry, roofing, structural reinforcement, insulation, and plumbing. The particle size and particle shape of the raw materials influence quality and performance of the end product, ..
01 Sep In-House Oil Analysis Lab Saves Gold Mine Millions in Downtime, Repair and Replacement Costs
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A low-grade surface mining operation depends upon huge and expensive equipment such as Hitachi 5500 shovels and Caterpillar 793 haul trucks. Oil analysis is essential to identify problems so they can be corrected before they cause equipment to go down for major repairs. In the past, a multinational mining firm sent samples to an outside l..
03 Jun Biogas Calculator
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Chemitec Consulting Oy has developed a new free online Biogas Calculator tool, that can be accessed from The tool is designed to assist in calculating the biogas production potential from different types of biowaste feedstocks, energy production, cost estimation for bioreactors, investment costs, and potentia..
05 Mar APPLICATIONS Electrochemical Equipment AMETEK Scientific Instruments
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AMETEK Scientific Instruments offers a variety of applications for corrosion research, energy storage, general and physical electrochemistry, materials science and physics...
03 Mar Large City Fleet Saves $2M Using Oil Analysis to Extend Oil Drain Intervals
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A large municipality in the northwestern United States operates over 1,700 vehicles and over 3,000 pieces of motorized equipment ranging from riding lawn mowers to bulldozers.Oil changes constitute a major expense. For example, the 500 heavy duty trucks in its fleet previously had their oil changed every 2,500 miles at a cost of around $400 per cha..
08 Oct What is X-ray diffraction analysis?
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Information on the elemental composition of various materials can be obtained using a variety of analytical methods, most often involving the destruction of matter. Complex substances formed as a result of the combination of chemical elements with each other, number in many hundreds of thousands. These complex substances have a wide variety of prop..
26 Aug What is vacuum
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A vacuum is defined colloquially as the state encountered in a room at pressures below atmospheric pressure. These pressures can be generated by gases or vapors that are evenly distributed over the room.The standard definition of vacuum is “the state of a gas at which its pressure in a vessel and therefore its particle density is lower than that of..
06 Nov Pfeiffer Vacuum
22 Dec
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"MATERIALS LAB" company has been certified ISO 9001:2015..
25 Aug Company Materials Lab has been founded!
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The company "Materials Lab" has been successfully operating since 2012.We solve scientific and technical tasks.We set up, install and service analytical, research, industrial and laboratory equipment.We provide complex solutions of all technological tasks for the plants in various areas of the industry.We provide services for the calculation of pha..
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