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Equipment for metallography and petrography PRESI SAS

The PRESI company, founded in 1961 in France and recognized as one of the world's leading leaders in the production of machines and consumables for metallography.
In 2011, PRESI celebrated its 50th anniversary. Initially, the company produced consumables for preparing samples for metallographic analysis, but very quickly realized its potential for producing its own machines.
Today, PRESI offers a full range of equipment and consumables, allowing the user to perform all stages of metallographic sample preparation, from cutting to grinding and polishing.
The main directions of Presi are: production, sale and service of equipment for the preparation of samples for metallographic analysis. All products manufactured by PRESI comply with ISO 9001 Certificate.

The main products of the company are:

  • Cutting machines for metallographic sample preparation;
  • Mouting machines for metallographic sample preparation;
  • Grinding and polishing machines for metallographic sample preparation;
  • Consumables and accessories:
    • Diamond wheels;
    • Diamond suspensions;
    • Cloth for polishing;
    • Diamond pastes;
    • Diamond gels and more.

Brand: Leeb Testing Instrument Model: LM2000
Functions & Features● Infinity-corrected optical system. Large vision, high imaging quality & resolution● 5pcs holes for Infinity LWD Plan Objectives : 5× ~ 100× (Dry)● Wide field eyepiece 10x /φ22mm (Optional φ23mm)● Observation tubes can be adjusted up and down 180 ° to accommodate with di..
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