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Particle analysis systems MICROTRAC

Компания Микротрак предлагает ряд оптических анализаторов частиц для определения физических характеристик частиц. Microtrac единственный в мире поставщик оборудования с широким пониманием сильных и слабых сторон каждого метода. А именно: оборудования для статического анализа изображений, динамического анализа изображений и лазерной дифракции.

Brand: Microtrac Model: Flowsync
The FLOWSYNC’s automated filling, de-aerating, pre-circulating and circulating operation means each sample is handled with a consistency that improves the repeatability of particle size distribution and shape data. The FLOWSYNC works in conjunction with the Microtrac SYNC system and can easily be sw..
Brand: Microtrac Model: MS30
Features:Automate your sample-handling tasksIncrease your laboratory productivityEnsure sample integrityTap and rinse functionVariable sample volume up to 2.5ml..
Brand: Microtrac Model: S3500 SI
Based on our experience in imaging technology since 1986, we’ve developed the SI to characterize particle size and shape in various suspensions and emulsions. The S3500 SI can be operated as a stand-alone unit with one of our dispersion devices SDC or USVR.Its design also allows to operate it in con..
Brand: Microtrac Model: SDC
The Sample Delivery Controller (SDC) works in conjunction with the Microtrac MRB S3500 and Bluewave laser diffraction systems. The SDC is fully automated and is designed to deliver a well-dispersed sample quickly and accurately.Application exampleMedical / Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Geology / M..
Brand: Microtrac Model: TurboSync
Application exampleMedical / Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Geology / Mining, Food, Metal Powders, Metals, Pigments, Polymers, Powder Coatings .., Chemicals, BeveragesBenefits:Features:Principle of operationAdditional components..
Brand: Microtrac Model: Turbotrac
TURBOTRAC's primary function is to deliver a properly dispersed sample to the measuring cell in the Microtrac MRB optical bench allowing for consistent and repeatable particle size analysis of dry powders.Benefits:Allows the user to achieve dispersion usually associated with fluid dispersal systems ..
Brand: Microtrac Model: USVR
The Microtrac MRB Ultra Small Volume Recirculator (USVR) works in conjunction with the S3500 or Bluewave laser diffraction systems.Benefits:Small sample volume allows users to save lab resources by requiring minuscule sample amounts during particle analysisRugged surgical grade stainless steel const..
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