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Thermal Analysis LINSEIS

When Linseis began manufacturing recorders and thermal analysis instruments, almost 50 years ago, they had a specific goal in mind:

To build a more versatile, performance oriented product, utilizing the latest relevant technologies and offer it at a fair and reasonable price. I am proud to boast; this philosophy has carried on through the years. It is, in fact the guiding force throughout the development cycle of every product which bears the Linseis name.

Today with many technical offices worldwide, Linseis enjoys the unique position of leadership amongst the instrumentation community.

Such endeavors require many people, all pulling together with one goal in mind. To keep us successful in this turbulent market, however I firmly believe that "esprit de corps" is only part of any companies success. Automatically, success is the satisfaction of the customer, which is why I would like to take a moment to offer this invitation. If you, as a well known customer, have any comments, suggestions, compliments or complains, please drop a personal note to me directly, care of this office.