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Compactors. Granulators. Shredders. ALEXANDERWERK

The company was founded in 1885 by Alexander von der Nahmer in Remscheid and soon become known as Alexanderwerk. Up to this time the 52 year old Alexander von der Nahmer had been manager of a rolling mill in Troisdorf, as well as serving for ten years as a partner in the Bergisch Steel Industry (BSI) in Remscheid With the proceeds of the sale of shares in this company he bought the present company site and erected a foundry with associated mechanical operations. There he manufactured and marketed all types of cast engineering items.

          On a business trip to America Alexander von der Nahmer came across a meat processing machine that he later manufactured and marketed in Germany. At that time little was known about the principle of meat processing machines in Germany and Europe. Traditionally meat had always been cut up with a chopping knife. The machine was an instant success and became one of company's most famous products, heralding the entry of Alexanderwerk into the food processing industry. After initial difficulties and the associated threat of bankruptcy, there followed a period of rapid expansion that required more capital than the family could raise, with the result that the company become a joint stock company quoted on the stock exchange. At the turn of the century the upsurge of popularity in canteen catering caused the company to focus increasingly on canteen kitchen machines.

          In the 1930' s the company's expertise in the fields of fine shredding, stirring, grating, kneading and mixing was applied to machine construction for the chemical-pharmaceutical industry. During the Second World War the site was almost completely destroyed and later rebuilt. Owing to changed market structures the company has closed the foundry and stopped production of household devices entirely. Nowadays the company concentrates on the compacting and granulating of powder and in the field of canteen kitchen machines and plant manufacturing.